Remote Control Waterproof Bullet 3.25 Inch - Purple Sex Toy Product

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Remote Control Waterproof Bullet 3.25 Inch - Purple

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MSRP:  $33.99
Price:   $26.99
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Product Details

  • Weight: 5.12 Ounces
  • Width: 1.50 Inches
  • Length: 3.25 Inches
  • Features: Waterproof ,
    Waterproof - A seal or ring that prevents water from damaging the battery compartment. Splashproof can be splashed with water, but cannot be submerged. A toy with this capability will expand play time to a new level of fun! Not only can you play in the bedroom, but si
    Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Multi-Speed ,
    Multi-Speed - A toy that has varying levels of vibration speed.You are able to control the level of speed based on your preference.
    Batteries Included ,
    Batteries Included - A toy packaged with batteries. Batteries carry an electric charge and are the most common power source for vibrators. Always have back up batteries available for playtime.
    Wireless Remote
    Wireless Remote - A wireless toy operated through radio waves by a controller. Put your partner in control of your orgasm with this wireless remote control.
  • Functions: Vibrates
    Vibrates - A balanced motion with no change in pattern.
  • Materials: Plastic
    Plastic - Plastic is a synthetic polymer best known for its rigidity. The most common plastic is ABS, which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Plastics are durable with a high impact resistance. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Purple
  • Powered By: AAA Battery
  • Batteries Required: 2
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • UPC: 603912177732
  • SKU: CNVELD-PD2670-12
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Product Description

He has his remote…now you can have yours! Enjoy powerful vibrations without having to worry about messy cords and wires! Just point the remote, flip the switch and indulge yourself in wonderful wireless bliss. The discreet bullet is quiet enough to take with you wherever you go, but powerful enough to deliver incredible vibrations. Use it by itself or with your favorite sleeve or accessory. Tune in to a whole new kind of satisfaction!

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27 Reviews
Dec 11, 2015
There is no more honesty in any bussines , I can use my phone viberators and its stronger then this
I get more vibration from my tv speakers when I watch castle
BuzzFeed Verified Buyer
Jul 8, 2013
Not so bad...under $30
It is true that it only has one speed. But it does have some kick on a fresh set of rechargeables! ;) It takes some slow and easy insertion through the back, it's a bit large for me. Once its in, not so bad if someone or something is filling up the front. You may be disappointed if you buy expecting more. I like it and its worth the money.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 1, 2013
Very Poor Product
Purchased this based of reviews. GOt it and it worked for a few mins then stopped. Switched batteries and it just cuts in and out when turned on and wont stay on. Very poor quality. Would not recommend this product to anyone.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 24, 2013
Remote control bullet
Would definitely recommend buying for someone that wants to have fun with their partner. Bought it to use for my girlfriend and she was amazed. Was surprised how far the remote work too.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 26, 2012
Worst product ever
It had no way to control the vibrations. It is either on or off. The vibrations are not hard at all. It did not give me any pleasure. It was also way to bulky.
dah22002 Verified Buyer
Jun 9, 2012
I think it works great especially for the price. It is comfortble to wear and the range is further than I anticipated.
Nicki Verified Buyer
Feb 2, 2012
Powerful & Pleasurable
Got this last week and used it right away. It is bigger then I thought it would be which is great! Its a little loud and just has a off/on switch so you cant control the vibration. It can be too much depending on how your using it . Having a romantic getaway this weekend with my boyfriend and cant wait to enjoy it with him. Definitly recommend it and I have.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 26, 2011
good product
good product but wish it had multiple settings but otherwise liked it.
Mocha Verified Buyer
Nov 26, 2011
waste of time
Bought this product thinking we would be able to play in public, bought batteries and caught hell trying to get it in. When I finally got it to working he had to be damn near standing in front of me for it to work and it wasn't powerful enough I am disappointed ...
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 5, 2011
nice to have a new toy
the product itself is very nice. my husband and i both enjoy it. i ordered two of them, one for myself and one for a friend. however we were very disappointed to discover that with one of them, the remote will not work.
Dani Verified Buyer
Jul 12, 2011
You get what you pay for.
This was by far the cheapest wirelessly controlled bullet. But we got it and tried it out. It worked nicely for the first two times we tried to use it. However, after that it stopped. I believe the battery just has to be changed, as we are using the ones that came with it. For about twenty dollars, it was a good item to get a taste of what those can do.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 13, 2011
OMG MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!
I have to say I was a bit skeptical on buying this. I've never really owned a sex toy or masturbated to be honest, but I can definitely agree that this was my best investment ever!!! This puts all my ex boyfriends to shame with how quickly it can get me to orgasm and how powerful it is! I had a stupid smile plastered on my face ALL day! haha! batteries come with it, but the remote control has a small battery of it's own which I don't think will be too easy to find...but then again I'm sure cindie's will sell it. I wish it had different controls on pulse of vibration, etc. it's just an on and off switch. It's also not incredibly discrete and it's not as quiet as I would've hoped, but overall amazing product for beginners or anyone else :)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 11, 2010
the worst out of my other that I have from your company
My girl said she really hate this product. Wish I could trade it in or something. She said its very uncomfortable when she used it.
none Verified Buyer
Nov 12, 2010
not enough
It's not powerful enough. There is only one setting and it is very loud.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 4, 2010
very disappointing. very loud and vibrating very weak. not recommended.
Very loud and vibrating very weak. Not recommended.
new at toys Verified Buyer
May 7, 2010
too big
I thought this was to go inside me, but it's to wear inside panties and is very loud.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 12, 2010
WiFi Orgasms Galore
It was only a matter of time before I gave wireless vibrations a whirl and I'm glad I did. This remote control bullet is great at pool parties. I slip the bullet into my tightest panties, hand my boyfriend the remote control and off we go. Every time he wants to get my attention he hits the button in his pocket and it sends shivers through me. Most of the time toward the end of the party he keep taunting me with it until I can take no more and I come up with an excuse for us to get home and let him finish me off.
Stu Verified Buyer
Dec 20, 2009
so much fun!
I bought this for my wife and I think I enjoyed it as much as she did! It was fun being in control of the on/off switch and making her squirm. =) We've even been out a couple of times while she was wearing it, and no one could tell because it's so quiet. We haven't had that much fun together in years. It really brought back that old spark we used to have when we first started dating.
Happy Camper Verified Buyer
Jun 14, 2009
Fun for a teaser
I would have to agree with the review that states the range on this item is much farther than suggested. It has worked while the remote was left on inside a car parked next to a house, while the receiver was on the second floor. It can be rather noisy, but not significantly. If used in a typical public place with moderate noise, no one should notice. (Have had it turned on while inside a supermarket and while standing near people, no one seemed to notice or looked for the origin of a noise) My complaints: It does get rather hot after a few minutes. But not painful. It does have a smell of smoke, but only if you open it and smell the electrical part. - Also, it isn't very powerful. So don't expect an orgasm from it unless you're super sensitive or have it on long enough. It is mainly fun to let the person in your life tease you with it when ever he pleases. I'm pleased with: I'm still using the same batteries it came with;I got this in March and it's now June. I've even left it on accidentally for a few hours (above car example of distance) and the batteries are still fine.
Jim Verified Buyer
Dec 6, 2008
Review of PD2670-11
very fun product. my wife gets in the hot tub with just the bottoms of her swim suit on so it can hold the bullet next to her click. i turn it on and tease her....her hands are than free to do whatever :)))
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 22, 2008
Review of PD2670-11
a little too big around. need to find a little smaller one. yes it was worth the price
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 16, 2008
Review of PD2670-11
It work exactly as I expected it to I just wish it had more than one vibration speed or setting beyond on. But I completely love the fact that it is inexpensive and wireless since all the other wireless bullets I found cost somewhere around $80 and I just wasnt willing to pay that much for a sex toy.
tease_me Verified Buyer
May 23, 2008
Review of PD2670-23
It is not as quiet as discribed but I dont mind giving people something to wonder about while out in public. It is well worth the $20
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 29, 2007
Review of PD2670-11
This product was truly a waste of money.
PoorBoy Verified Buyer
May 26, 2007
Review of PD2670-23
It was cheaply made, I picked it up and literally 10 Minutes After using it, It Got REALLY Hot And Started To Smoke, I Wouldnt Recommend This Piece Of Junk At All, My Nipples Are Like On Fire Right Now...Are You Kidding Me, If You Couldnt Tell Im Furious.
J Sage Verified Buyer
May 16, 2007
Review of PD2670-23
These bullets are fantastic and well worth the $20. I actually bought a white one from a retail store called Lovers Package for around $55. The packaging it came in was completely different, so Ill assume that company has been bought by Pipedream since then, but the product is identical. The product description says that its powered by 2 AAA batteries which is true, but it also has a third 23A12V battery for the remote. Also, all of theses batteries ARE INCLUDED. The description says they arent, but the first one I bought had them and so does this one. Also I bought a second one not because the first one had broken, but because I liked the first one so much and this was $35 dollars cheaper I couldnt resist. The product says the remote has a range of up to 25 feet on the packaging (if you look close at the picture you can see it), but this is an understatement. When I bought the first one we tested it at 25+ feet and through one of the store walls and it worked without having to fuss with it at all, so my guess is the maximum range is much further. The one con to this toy is that it isnt all that quiet. If you plan on having it inserted out in public and flipping the switch for a little laugh be aware that it is still audible. It sounds similar to someones cellular phone going off on vibrate when its fully inserted, so not super loud, but still noticable.
Nichole Verified Buyer
Aug 22, 2006
Review of PD2670-11
The vibrations were not as powerful as the description leads you to believe, the material is cheap and easily broken. I went to open the remote and the damn thing broke 10 seconds after I got the box opened. I was very disapointed in this product. I dont think its a horrible toy its just not what you made it sound to be. I wish I would have known this because I bought two and now I have two toys I do not want.